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Vermilion Riptide  

Vermilion Riptide - a lively drama for solution-oriented times.

Itapeaçu, Urucarà, Prainha. The Amazonas names thrill Dominique, and fill her with a fearful attraction for places where the boats will touch shore again. Fervently wishing that she had even a speck of the courage required to be that type of traveller, the kind who just doesn't quit until they touch a thorny heart.

Brazil. Torn between mind-staggering beauty and incalculable darkness, the country works its potent magic on two automotive professionals from Scandinavia.

A harried Canadian consultant flies along on her husband's foreign assignment to Curitiba, south-west of São Paolo. A charmed life of sumptuous benefits unfolds, ringed by wretched living conditions, violence, and a murder investigation. Dominique has designed and navigated an irreverent lifestyle strictly on her own terms, so she is appalled that her captivating new friend Aida's basic freedoms and adulthood are being robbed. Jack spoils their dream scenario with a standard Carnaval fling, so the distraught but pragmatic wife amuses herself with precision strategies and intoxicating Bahian gris-gris.

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Excerpt from: Don't cry for me...

PLEASE NOTE, regarding the E-book version:
For best typographical quality, the e-book version of Vermilion Riptide is best read on the Apple iBook, Kindle and Calibre e-book readers.. (FREE Calibre download) Adobe and Kobo also work well, but will not be typographically matched.


November 13th, 2020

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